Volunteers to act as Technical Assistants during ECER Plus: Technical Assistants will receive a free entry to ECER 2022 or ECER 2023

Julkaistu: 10.6.2022 14:32

EERA office is looking for volunteers to act as technical assistants during ECER Plus, which is the online part of ECER 2022 conference, see here: https://eera-ecer.de/ecer-2022-yerevan/

As acknowledgement of the important role Technical Assistants will play during ECER Plus, EERA will offer all Technical Assistants a free entry to ERC and ECER 2022, Yerevan (in-person) or ERC and ECER 2023, Glasgow. When assigning Technical Assistants to sessions, EERA will try to take your Network preferences into account. (EERA networks here: https://eera-ecer.de/networks/) Technical Assistants will have full access to ECER Plus and so be able to attend sessions of their choice in their free time.

They will also receive an official certification from EERA that they acted as Technical Assistant for ECER Plus.

More info on the attached invitation. Becoming a Technical Assistant at ECER Plus 2022_Invitation