Network for Guidance and counselling research

The aim of the SIG Group is to promote research and teaching related to guidance and counselling and to strengthen cooperation between researchers and other actors in the field.

The field of guidance and counselling research is broad and diverse, covering pedagogical and study guidance at different levels of the education and training system, guidance related to professional careers and working life, and guidance and counselling related to life course and transitions at different ages (youth, adulthood, ageing).

In particular, the aim is to create a forum for doctoral and post-doctoral researchers working in different disciplines by organising seminars, summer schools or theme group meetings.

The SIG Group forms a research network that promotes theoretical and methodological discussion in the field of guidance and counselling, disseminates current research information and also builds publication opportunities for new research. The group also aims to establish and maintain relationships with other guidance and counselling networks both domestically and internationally.

SIG Group maintains its own mailing list and Facebook group:

You can join the mailing list by sending a free-form email to the contact persons of the group.

Steering Group of the Network for Guidance and counselling for the period 2024–2025: