The Finnish Educational Research Association promotes educational research and publishing and contributes to social dialogue.

The aim of the Finnish Educational Research Association is to enhance educational research and dissemination of the findings in the field. The three cornerstones of the association’s activities are organizing the annual conference, publishing, and enabling the functioning of the Special Interest Groups (SIG). The association also promotes conference and publication activities and strives to increase national and international co-operation between researchers in the field. In addition, it aims at increasing the visibility of educational discipline in the society and at communicating with other national and international actors in the field.

FERA was established in 1967. The association has close to 600 members. FERA is a member of The European Educational Research Association (EERA).

Main tasks of the association are:

International Cooperation

The Finnish Educational Research Association (FERA) is one of the founding associations of the European Educational Research Association (EERA). Today EERA has more than 40 member associations from all over Europe. The decision-making bodies of EERA are the EERA council and the Executive Board. FERA has a representative with voting rights in EERA council. The representative of FERA acts as a link between FERA and EERA as well as uses FERA’s voting right at the council meetings. Presently the FERA representative in the council is Professor Heli Ruokamo (heli.ruokamo(at)ulapland). Academic activities take place mainly in the 33 thematic EERA networks established by researchers. By being a member of EERA, FERA is a member of the World Educational Research Association (WERA). More info of WERA here:

Membership in EERA brings FERA members a reduction of the participation fee in ECER conferences, access to the online version of European Educational Research Journal (EERJ) and via the FERA representative in the EERA council a channel to EERA decision making and activities. More info on EERA here: