Educational Psychology and Learning Research Special Interest Group

The Educational Psychology and Learning Research Special Interest Group is a national network for researchers and students in the field of educational psychology. Our aim is to promote research and teaching in the field, as well as advance the co-operation and networking opportunities of researchers.

Our members’ research focuses on a broad range of topics related to educational psychology and learning research, such as learning, achievement, motivation, and well-being among students of different ages, in various educational settings and learning environments, and at different stages of their educational careers. Studies focus, for instance, on the interrelationships of these phenomena, their development over time, and their situational dynamics. Also, support in learning, different pedagogical practices, and interventions are important parts of the SIG members’ research.

All researchers interested in educational psychology and learning research can take part in the SIG’s activities. The most important event each year is the FERA Conference on Education (Kasvatustieteen päivät), where we organize a thematic group and an annual meeting of the SIG. In addition, we arrange other events, such as lectures, webinars and method talks, to disseminate recent research findings and know-how in advanced research methods.

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The SIG coordinators: